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Are you planning to renovate your home on the Mornington Peninsula?  You are already including energy efficient LED lighting and insulation.  What about solar?

Adding a solar system to the build is a relatively minor cost addition that will reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint for 25 years to come.

We can design systems to suit approved plans or recommend a system to suit your needs.  We will include energy savings and payback period, based on similar sized homes on the Peninsula.

Contact Emporium Energy today to discuss what is possible with your renovation or to request a free site audit.



Quality = Control

Commercial Solar

When it comes to commercial solar, an investment that comes with a 25 year warranty, quality should be the starting point for the conversation, not cost.

At Emporium Energy, we start the conversation at how your business uses energy.  We will analyse your electricity bills and interval data to design a system to maximise your roof resource and energy savings.

Your solar system comes with energy monitoring as standard.  This means you will know how your business uses energy, how much you export and import from the grid.  This information could identify energy efficiency upgrades or process changes that could further reduce your energy costs.

A quality, well designed solar system will put you in control of your energy use.  Contact us today to arrange a free solar audit of your business.

Commercial Solar Systems



One size does not fit all

Commercial Solar, Solar

The most visible part of solar systems is the panels. It’s critical to use the right panel to suit your needs & budget.  One size does not fit all.

We only use high efficiency panels with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.  They also come with a 25 year performance warranty, which means they’ll still produce 80% of their rated power output after 25 years!

This means your system produces more energy per square metre, making the most of your roof resource and improving the payback period.

If you are looking to reduce your grid energy costs by installing rooftop solar, please Contact us today to book a solar site visit at your business.


Solar systems with heart

Commercial Solar, Solar

An efficient and reliable inverter is the heart of any solar system.  Not only does your inverter convert solar energy from your panels into electricity for your business (and the grid), it also communicates with you, your solar system and the grid.

This means you can accurately track your business’s energy consumption, managing your processes to improve the self-consumption rate and reduce your dependence on expensive grid electricity.

Knowing how your business consumes electricity is the first step.  Contact us today for a solar audit of your business.



Commercial Lighting, Commercial Solar, Solar

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At Emporium Energy we are passionate about working towards a more sustainable future for the planet (and our kids!).

We love to work with businesses to reduce energy waste and produce clean, renewable energy from the sun.

We will show you how the business case for reducing your energy bills makes sense for your bottom line now and into the future.

If you are on the journey towards a zero carbon future, we’d love to share the ride …


Size matters

Commercial Solar, Solar

As grid electricity prices continue to rise, the Victorian Government has also increased the solar export feed-in tariff.  At 11.3c per kilowatt hour, this more fairly compensates businesses for the excess solar energy they export to the grid.

Instead of designing a solar system for mostly self use, the economics of over-sizing the system to export more energy to the grid have improved considerably.

Not only will the business case for your solar system improve, but your business will be helping reduce the grid’s reliance on coal-fired power.

Bigger could really be better.  Contact us for a solar audit of your business today.

Solar Feed-in Tariff doubles from July 1

Commercial Solar, Solar

Victorian businesses installing solar PV systems from July 1, 2017 will benefit from a more-than-doubling of the feed-in tariff to 11.3 cents per kilowatt hour.


As long as the system generates less than 100 kilowatts (think approx. 400 solar panels), this announcement from the Essential Services Commission means your business will be more fairly compensated when exporting excess solar energy to the grid.


This means your commercial solar system reduces your reliance on expensive grid electricity, produces a great feed-in tariff for the clean, renewable energy you export to the grid and reduces the demand for coal generated electricity from other businesses.


We’ll show you how the new business case for commercial solar stacks up for your business.  Contact us for a free solar audit.