Smart Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Does your warehouse or factory have good natural light streaming through the roof?  If so, adding some smart lighting controls might make all the difference to your LED lighting upgrade.

Our LED highbay lights can be fitted with individual microwave sensors that not only sense motion but measure light levels.  If you have enough free, natural light from the sun, our lights won’t even turn on!

This means you are increasing energy savings, reducing the payback period and extending the product lifetime.  Ask us for a free lighting audit of your business today.

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At Emporium Energy we are passionate about working towards a more sustainable future for the planet (and our kids!).

We love to work with businesses to reduce energy waste and produce clean, renewable energy from the sun.

We will show you how the business case for reducing your energy bills makes sense for your bottom line now and into the future.

If you are on the journey towards a zero carbon future, we’d love to share the ride …