Commercial Sense

Annual production of commercial solar system.

Is your business paying the electricity bill and watching it rise year-on-year?

At Emporium Energy, we want to understand how you use electricity, to know your building’s suitability for producing solar power and what you want to achieve financially by installing a commercial solar system.

Our solar audit will start with a site visit to discuss what is possible with solar power.  We will also request the data and information we need to analyse your electricity consumption and costs over time.

We will then get down to designing a solar system to suit your needs and budget.  Our proposal will detail energy savings, carbon abatement and financials.  It will explain exactly what we intend to install to meet your needs.

When you choose Emporium Energy to supply and install your commercial solar system, you are choosing quality over cost, you are making an informed and measurable investment in your business.  An investment that will keep on delivering for decades to come.



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