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LG Neon 2 330 watt solar panel

Are you looking at installing a solar system on your roof and you want to maximise the amount of electricity you produce?

Then the Neon2 range of solar panels from LG are the perfect panel for you.  Although they are similiarly sized to standard 270W panels, the 330W LG Neon2 panel produces 22% more power per square metre.

You may not know this, but solar panels wear out over time.  Most panels on the market lose approximately 20% of their output over 25 years.  Not only are LG’s panels more productive, they will still give you approx. 85% capacity after 25 years.

LG have been manufacturing electrical goods since 1958 and have been distributing premium solar panels in Australia since 2011.  Their Australian solar business is based in Sydney.

If making the most of your roof resource is a key consideration for you, then consider LG’s range of solar panels.  More output per square metre, more output over time, more power to you.

Contact us today to arrange a solar audit of your home or business.  Whether your roof is big or small, we will show you how to reduce your reliance on expensive grid electricity and start producing low-cost renewable energy.


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