Invert your power bill

Fronius Eco 27kW Inverter

Commercial solar systems produce fixed low-cost energy when you need it, during the working day.

The Eco from Fronius is the perfect inverter for large commercial projects.  It’s efficient, reliable and ready to help you maximise self-consumption of your solar energy.

Fronius have been in solar electronics since 1992 and specialise in inverters, constantly developing and innovating to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers.  Their Australian business is based here in Melbourne.

These inverters are ready to connect to your wireless (or wired) network to provide you with the energy monitoring your business needs to invert your power bills.

Contact us today to arrange a solar audit of your commercial premises.  Whether your building is big or small, we will show you how to reduce your reliance on expensive grid electricity and start producing low-cost renewable energy.

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