Bigger is better

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As electricity production moves toward a renewable future, more households are putting their roofs to work, by producing cheap, solar energy during the day.

With generous feed-in tariffs (what you are paid for the solar energy you do not use), the average size of residential solar systems has grown.  6-10kW solar systems (think 20 plus panels) are the new normal.

If your home uses a lot of electricity during the day, for example if you have a pool, then systems this size will pay for themselves very quickly.  But what if you are at work all day?  Larger solar systems will then export more solar energy to the grid, increasing your feed-in tariff credit on your next electricity bill.  This means the larger solar system improves your payback period.  And most importantly, it sets up your home to take advantage of the coming energy storage revolution, as you use that excess solar energy to charge batteries.

If you are interested in how a solar system could benefit your Mornington Peninsula home now, contact Emporium Energy today.

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